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4th Annual Holiday Kibble Drop Delivers 565,000 Meals to Shelter Pets

Homeless pets across the North America will have more radiant coats, clearer eyes and renewed energy, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres’ pet food company - Halo, Purely for Pets; Freekibble.com; and Greater Good.org.

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For the fourth year in a row, the Holiday Kibble Drop will deliver hundreds of thousands of meals to pets in need at more than 30 shelters and rescues in 15 cities throughout the 2014 holiday season.

At each Kibble Drop location, shelters and rescues will receive a food donation on behalf of Freekibble.com visitors and Halo customers, who make the Kibble Drop possible simply by playing Freekibble.com or by purchasing Halo pet food.

Halo retail partners in each of the cities along the Kibble Drop route have generously provided a place where area shelters and rescues can pick up their Freekibble.com donation of nutritious, natural Halo Vigor and Spot’s Stew pet food.

The Kibble Drop is just one example of how Halo “Feeds it Forward.” When pet parents feed their dogs and cats Halo they can feel good knowing Halo, along with donation partners Freekibble.com and GreaterGood.org, donate more than 1.5 million meals a year to shelter pets.

“Thank you for supporting #HaloFeeditForward. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your pet, and less fortunate pets waiting for a loving home as well,” says Halo CEO Steve Marton. “Share a photo of your pet with #HaloFeeditForward, and we’ll donate a meal on your behalf.”

Since 2008, Freekibble.com has donated 13.6 million meals to shelters and rescues. As Freekibble.com’s official pet food sponsor since 2010, Halo donates the kibble distributed to shelters and rescues throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"I'm very excited to be part of another Holiday Kibble Drop! I feel so grateful to partner with Halo and again be able to give nutritious meals to so many shelter pets over the holidays. It makes me happy to know they'll be eating so well. They deserve it!" says Mimi Ausland, Freekibble.com founder.

The Holiday Kibble Drop provides homeless pets the highest quality food possible, helping shelter pets look and feel their best, and find their forever homes. In fact, in a survey of 85 shelter professionals, 75% said the quality of Halo pet food “definitely helps” dogs and cats to get adopted.

“High quality food is critically important for shelter pets because it impacts their overall health,” affirms GreaterGood.org Executive Director Liz Baker. “A well-nourished dog is a happy dog, and that makes a dramatic difference when it comes to getting them out of the shelter and into a permanent, loving home. We are thrilled to have partnered with Freekibble.com and Halo this holiday season for these amazing Kibble Drops!”

Kibble Drop Cities Include: Phoenix, AZ; Clovis, CA; Chula Vista, CA; Beverly Hills, MI; Sarasota, FL; Littleton, CO; Los Angeles, CA, Kootenai, ID; Nashville, TN; San Francisco, CA; Parlier, CA; Westchester, NY; New York, NY; Sonoma, CA; and Bend, OR.

Participating retailers include: Pet Extreme, Pet Food Express, Pet Supply Center, Petco, Premier Pet Supply, Sprouts, Tailwaggers, and Unleashed by Petco.

For more information about Kibble Drop stops, participating retailers or the shelters and rescues receiving food, please visit: www.halopets.com/kibbledrop

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New York, NY
ASPCA, late-December

Westchester, NY
Westchester SPCA, late-December

Clovis, CA
Pet Extreme, December 6

Chula Vista, CA
Unleashed by Petco, December 7

Los Angeles, CA
Tailwaggers, December 18

Parlier, CA
Cat House on the Kings

San Francisco, CA
SF Animal Care and Control via Pet Food Express

Sonoma, CA
Pets Lifeline, late-December

Phoenix, AZ
Sprouts, December 4

Littleton, CO
Petco, December 13

Bend, OR
Humane Society of Central Oregon, late-December

Kootenai, ID
Kootenai Shelter via Wings of Rescue, late-December

Beverly Hills, MI
Premier Pet Supply, December 10

Nashville, TN
Halo Distribution Center, late-December

Sarasota, FL
Pet Supply Center, December 12


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