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Dog Jumps in Front of Truck to Save Boy

By Caroline Golon


Photo credit: Alban Pix via

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He may still only be a puppy, but 7-month-old Geo showed his hero instincts when he pushed a 10-year-old boy out of the way of an oncoming truck….and took the impact himself.


Carly Riley, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in the UK, was out for a walk with Geo, a German Shepherd-Collie mix, and her three sons, Charlie, Josh and Ben. As they waited at the curb to cross the street, a speeding, out of control driver drove up on the curb, headed straight for Charlie.


According to the family, Geo jumped in front of the boy, pushed him out of the way and was hit by the truck once, and then again, before it drove off.



Photo credit: Alban Pix via

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Geo sustained a broken leg, broken spine and internal injuries, but the veterinarians caring for him tell iTV News that Geo will make a full recovery. The family set up a Facebook page to share news about his progress.


Carly says the family is incredibly grateful to their hero dog. “Geo and the boys have a fantastic relationship,” she says. “They always play with each other, whether it be football or Geo’s favorite, jumping on our trampoline with them. He is family.”


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