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Black Lab Becomes Seeing Eye Dog – For A Blind Dog

Photo: courtesy of Woodland West Animal Hospital

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By Diane Herbst

If anyone had any doubt about two dogs finding true love, read on about the story of Tanner and Blair.

Tanner, a golden retriever who's been blind since birth, lived a good life until his owner died when Tanner was one. Taken in by the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the new and strange surroundings caused Tanner's "anxiety level to go through the roof," says Dr. Mike Jones of Woodland West, causing the dog's seizure disorder to spiral out of control.

Tanner was also placed in a foster home, but that didn't work out and he returned to Woodland West. "We got him back here and it's been a struggle," says Jones. "He'd tear runs up, he'd seize, and it was getting tough to manage him."

But then a black lab named Blair entered Tanner's life. Blair arrived at Woodland West with a gunshot wound and a host of behavior issues. One day, the staff decided to put Blair and Tanner together for a romp in a play area. It was love at first sniff. "It was amazing," says Jones. "They got along, after about a month Tanner's seizures went away and Blair started to behave better."

The pair are inseparable, literally together 24/7. "Tanner will smell and follow Blair," says Jones. "And it's amazing how Blair would grab Tanner's leash and start tugging."

Photo: courtesy of Woodland West Animal Hospital

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When tired of playing, says Jones, "they both lay down and sleep together, whereas before Tanner would pace back and forth. Now he lays down and sleeps and he looks completely content and happy. And Blair is much better, she warms up now to people and is very loving and awesome."

The pair — both about two — are in search of a forever home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and, of course must always remain together. "I've never seen anything like this," Jones says. "I love this business because of what pets do for people. Never had I thought how much they do for each other."

For more information on adopting Tanner and Blair, check out the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue at sgrr.org.


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