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A Happy Ending for a Tiny, Lost and Blind Chihuahua!
by Caroline Golon


Cheryl and Codero
Shortly after the effects of Hurricane Irene crashed through the Schenectady, NY area, causing flooding and power outages, an elderly, four-pound dog was found wandering the streets by a passerby.


Estimated to be 10 to 12 years old, the vision-impaired Chihuahua apparently could only see some light and dark, had a heart murmur and was in desperate need of dental care.


The Animal Protective Foundation (APF), who took him in, worked diligently to find the dog’s owner, quickly spreading the word through local media outlets and word of mouth.


Although hundreds of people inquired about the dog and offered their assistance, the tiny Chihuahua’s owners did not come forward.


Despite the little dog’s poor physical condition, he was extremely sweet and happy. “Clearly, this little man was special,” said the APF staff. “He possessed a trust and confidence that amazed and inspired us.”


Ramon, one of the APF’s animal care technicians, took him home each night so the dog wouldn’t be alone. Renamed “Cordero,” the friendly pooch bonded right away with the technician’s family – and cats. Cordero is such a sweet boy that, when he met a dog belonging to one of Ramon’s friends, the Chihuahua and the other dog immediately started cleaning each other's ears!


Once it was apparent that, sadly, no one was going to claim Cordero, the APF went about getting the Chihuahua the medial attention he desperately needed. Next, they focused on finding him a forever home.


Codero and Brad PitOne of the caring people who contacted the APF to offer help was Cheryl Chew, whose mother had seen Cordero’s story on the news. Cheryl and her mother, both lifelong animal lovers, could not bear the thought of Cordero not finding a loving home.


Cheryl agreed to meet Cordero and consider adopting him. “I was expecting to be so sad when I first met this little one,” Cheryl said. “But when I saw him, I instantly started giggling. He walked out like he owned the world and was the happiest little thing I’d ever seen. It’s impossible not to love him.”


Cordero has made himself right at home with Cheryl’s family of other pets, including a rescued Pit Bull named Brad Pit. “Cordero and Brad Pit are best friends,” Cheryl said. “In fact, all of the animals here just loved Cordero instantly.”


The APF is confident that Cordero’s new mom Cheryl will give him all the love and attention he deserves and that “he will never ever be at risk of being lost or uncared for again.”

Congratulations on your new forever home, Cordero!

Inspired by the hard work of the Animal Protective Foundation in rescuing, treating and adopting Cordero, Freekibble.com will be donating 5,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew for the APF to distribute to animals in need in their community.


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